You're Gonna Like It! (at least we hope you do)

by Phargo.

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Rene Duplantier
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Rene Duplantier I manage this good ass band. This is their worst release. I don't know why I bought it. Go listen to their album Rende's. Favorite track: Gas Station Sushi.
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A demo we made so we could demo stuff, y'know?


released March 23, 2014

Fernando Tito Avelar/1v1 Recordings



all rights reserved


Phargo. Morgan City, Louisiana

Phargo. is Blake Robicheaux, Tyler Motes, and Zack Theriot. We play music.

Also, Rene does stuff sometimes.

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Track Name: Cool Guy Has A Chill Day
I'm tired of staying still
And making lists I dont finish.
I can't do anything,
But keep wasting all my time
And finding ways to stay useless;
Ways to make excuses

And I don't feel a thing
Like all I felt before
There's no beauty in the world

I don't wanna waste forever
But I just wanna wait forever
Sometimes I wish the sun would just explode
I don't wanna waste forever
But I just wanna stay forever
I don't do anything anymore

Minutes pass and hours blur
I stay tethered to a chair in a dark room
With the headphones filling up my brain
And the walls just like my heart; faded and plain
I stay up nights because sleep won't come
Stay guilty thinking about all I do wrong
Do I think too much? Or not enough?
Am I getting old? Or giving up?

I convince myself to wake up one more time
To spend another day alone stuck in my mind
And disappoint myself with how I live
But can't be bothered to do a thing about it
Track Name: Gas Station Sushi
Don't be sorry you have to go
You already feel bad enough anyway
And with the phone pressed so hard to my ear
I can almost feel your pain
We'll have to wait up till we're older
Just don't forget my name

It's march 4th, and still snowing
I'm sorry I took so long
Though, I can't say I'm upset
That I don't have to go home
And I'll bet you the snow falls
At 5 centimeters too
I'll bet you the snow falls
Like I know that we'll do

When did I start writing
Letters to no one?
Why'd I let you go?
Why can't I let go?

Now I'm giving up on you
And I'm giving up on me
I'm always staring at the sidewalk
You're in everything I see

Having the same dream again
About the words you never read
And freezing on the floor
Track Name: A Certain Day Of Summer
I won't say it's alright
I won't say it's up to me
I'm alright with not coming to
This is really nothing new

Needless to say that things have changes
The way we say we never said
However much I choose to change
Is just me

Hoping that someone feels the same
The nights you spent stuck in my head
The days we ate the lunch I made
I'm a fool

I won't say it's alright
(I won't even make a move)
I won't make you pick and choose
(Differentiate myself from you)
I won't say that I'm not confused
(We all know that i'm your fool)
Waiting for you to make a move

Needless to say that things have changed
Sleepless over one I have not met
In light of the mistakes I made
Bowing in

Sometimes I think I'm feeling strange
Wishing for a chance to just forget
I swear that I will be okay
If you stay for a while